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Ok so i am familiar there are at least 5 possible ways of achieving svg and canvas integration. I essentially want to be able to control both, canvas doing the heavy background refresh and svg doing some real time work. I want to be able to access both from javascript so i can modify each layer, accordingly. Let me list some ways i know how to implement and some i need help to achieve in what i wanna do...

1st approach: Embed svg code in canvas. The only application i see fit is when you have a static svg image you want inside canvas. Again, not what i want. (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/HTML/Canvas/Drawing_DOM_objects_into_a_canvas)

2nd approach: Use foriegnObject in svg to wrap canvas. (http://svgopen.org/2009/papers/12-Using_Canvas_in_SVG/)

3rd approach: Use XMLHttpRequest() and ObjectURL...? (http://stackoverflow.com/a/13999263/2106141)

4th approach: <use> tag with shadow DOM? I am sorry i don't have the link at my leisure but i read it somewhere that it is possible. Again, i doubt it may need foreignObject. This approach sound cool but i have no idea how can i go about achieving this...

5th approach: Use img element

var img = new Image;
img.onload = function(){ myCanvasContext.drawImage(img,0,0); };
img.src = "foo.svg";

I want to be able to try all the approaches and pick the one that works best for me. So far, i have only tried 1 and 2. I'd appreciate it if you can shed some light on approach 4 or maybe with a different approach help me access both canvas and svg from javascript.

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Can't you just put the transparent <svg> next to the <canvas> in your HTML document and style them so that they're over each other? –  Bergi Jul 31 '13 at 20:44
I have done a lot of similar tests as such. With foreignObject, I am able to have canvas run in the background just fine and even have imported svg image but the problem arises when i try to manipulate svg content... It simply does not work. –  AceofSpades Jul 31 '13 at 20:47
Here's an example, with my mouse event i draw a vector line and the canvas behind quickly picks up and re-draw the background to match it. Its very generic description of what i want. –  AceofSpades Jul 31 '13 at 20:54

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