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I am trying to do drag-and-drop without using jQuery UI. (200kb is too much to load)

I have two problems:

  1. I am not sure how to snap the dragged element to a certain element. I know in jQuery UI I can just provide an option like 'snap' but not sure how to do this in plain jQuery.

  2. Where can I change the cursor to a pointer icon when I drag the element?

I have the following code:

var dragging =null;

obj = $('table td');

        dragging = null;
        dragging = $(e.target);

    var el_w = $(obj).width();
    var el_h = $(obj).height();
    if (dragging) {
            top : e.pageY-el_h/2,
            left : e.pageX-el_w/2

I have searched Google but almost all of the results suggest jQuery UI... :(

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I hate to say "just use jQuery UI", but bear in mind that if you use a popular CDN there is a possibility that the users have a cached version already from another site. If that's not acceptable, a .min.js version of UI just covering drag and drop is only 37KB. –  Adrian Wragg Jul 31 '13 at 21:20

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Custom Build

You can download a custom version of jQuery UI. Follow this link, go to the bottom, and click Download.

draggable only

The size is 32kb. Modern web servers gzip the file, which would result in 8.66kb in transfer. It can also be combined with other files to reduce the number of network requests.


The amazing Chris Coyer wrote a small plugin that mimics $.draggable from jQuery UI.

Note: You would have to modify his code to get it to do any kind of snapping, etc.

Draggable without jQuery UI

If minified with the Closure Compiler, you the file size is 0.769kb or 0.353kb gzipped.

All statistics derived from this online Closure Compiler

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