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I'm studying how the Camping web framework works right now, and I don't understand what the Camping::Server.start at line 10 in /bin/camping is doing.

I expected this to call the start method in /lib/camping/server.rb at line 131, and so I put a simple puts 'hello' statement at the beginning of that method, expecting that statement to be invoked when I ran /bin/camping. However, I never saw my puts statement get called, so I can only assume that it's not that start method getting called.

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here. Here is the link to the camping github page and the relevant sections of code:


From /bin/camping:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

$:.unshift File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/../lib"

require 'camping'
require 'camping/server'

rescue OptionParser::ParseError => ex
   puts "did it error"
   STDERR.puts "!! #{ex.message}"
   puts "** use `#{File.basename($0)} --help` for more details..."
   exit 1

From /lib/server.rb:

def start
 if options[:server] == "console"
    puts "** Starting console"
    r = @reloader
    eval("self", TOPLEVEL_BINDING).meta_def(:reload!) { r.reload!; nil }
    name =[/\w+$/]
    puts "** Starting #{name} on #{options[:Host]}:#{options[:Port]}"
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My puts 'hello' on Camping::Server.start wasn't getting called because I didn't understand how static methods were defined in ruby.

start was being called statically, and I realize now that the start method I was looking at in the snippet wasn't a static method, which meant that another start method was getting called. I looked into Camping::Server and realized that it inherited from Rack::Server, which has the following method:

def self.start(options = nil)

That was the method getting called, not the one on /lib/camping/server.rb. I had been looking at the wrong method.

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