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What do you use to minimize and compress JavaScript libraries?

Sometimes you'll see two different files like "jquery.1.3.2.js" and "jquery.1.3.2-min.js". The "min" version has all the whitespace and comments removed.

Is there a tool that will do that for me or do I have to do it manually?

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Yes. The term you're looking for is "minify" your javascript.

Jsmin, Packer, and ShrinkSafe are all good tools. But the leader is YUI Compressor.

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I wouldn't use packer anymore, as there is a cost in unpacking on every page load. –  Nosredna Nov 25 '09 at 16:57
@Nosredna, I wish people would stop saying this about packer. It is a perfectly good minimiser. You don't have to use the base62 option, in fact it is turned off by default. It seems that people are happy to regurgitate opinions without checking the facts. –  Dean Edwards Nov 25 '09 at 19:10

There are several tool available to do this. Just to name a few:

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here is one way: YUI Compressor

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The two most popular solutions are JSMin and YUI Compressor.

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You could use YUI and Google has recently released its Closure Comiler however, the latter tends to fail with jQuery

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In order to minify your Javascript code, you can use YUI Compressor or JSMin as recommended by Yahoo (http://developer.yahoo.net/blog/archives/2007/07/high%5Fperformanc%5F8.html)

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