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Let me begin by saying, I have been searching for resources for this question for more than 3 days, so I truly hope I did not miss an "answer" anywhere.


I am working on a website/app built in HTML/CSS/Javascript that will use geolocation (Google Maps & Places API) to find a users location and return them the (for example) top 5 closest water parks to them at that location they are currently at.


I want to control the list of results the API picks from. So let's say, it'll only give them 5 out of 30 water parks that are near them and I have previously specified the names/locations of those 30 water parks.

The reason I want to do this is because after searching via Google Maps for "water parks nearby 123 Main Street, City, State" - it doesn't return all the results I want it to, just some.

As I stated, I have looked far and wide for this answer. I have read almost all of the relevant Google Places API and Maps API documentation with no clear cut answer. I have also found a few website that let you use a Google Docs spreadsheet to specify locations, but you can't get the code from them. And I have seen a few example using XML, but nothing exactly what I'm looking for.

I will also note that I am familiar with C# and PHP if that helps get me closer to my goal. But it seems like Javascript is the way to go.

Any help/hints/tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Store the data in a database that supports spatial queries(may be a FusionTable for example), then you may use ST_DISTANCE to order the results by distance and LIMIT to limit the resultset.

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This seems like a very good solution. I've never used Fusion Tables, but after reading the documentation they seem to allow what I am looking for. Has anyone had experience combining Fusion Tables and Maps API. –  jamez14 Aug 1 '13 at 12:14
When you want to use the returned data without a map, simply send a request via AJAX(JSONP is supported), there is no special support for querying the data with the Maps-API(except you want to show the results on a map via a FusionTableLayer ) –  Dr.Molle Aug 1 '13 at 20:57

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