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i need a help ..

i am using googlemaps api v3.

i want to my maps show value of revenue some regional.

The basic idea is like mapclusterer.

the zoom makes my map have more marker.

but this is not marker, its a value.

value of revenue is total of revenue in a regional.


in zoom level 10 --> show number in center map '1000' --> region A.

in zoom level 15--> show 5 marker or region that contain '2000' '2000' '2000' '2000''2000' --> region A have a sub region like a, b ,c , d, e.

i have a data in my database. i fairly new in google maps. i just want to know, how to start doing that?

can i show a value in google maps without using info window? or a title marker?

and can i set a different marker or value in different zoom?

any reference or answer will be grateful for me. thank so much.

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