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I want to get the XML in atom format of a GoogleDocs spreadsheet using the [generateAtom(..,..)][1] method of the class BaseEntry which a SpreadsheetEntry inherits. But I don't understand the the second parameter in the method, ExtensionProfile. What is it and will this method call suffice if I just want to get the XML in atom format?

XmlWriter x = new XmlWriter();
spreadSheetEntry.generateAtom(x,new ExtensionProfile());


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From the JavaDoc for ExtensionProfile:

A profile is a set of allowed extensions for each type together with additional properties.

Usually if you've got a service, you can ask that for its extension profile using Service.getExtensionProfile().

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Elaborating Jon Skeet's answer, you need to instanciate a service like this:

String developer_key = "mySecretDeveloperKey";
String client_id = "myApplicationsClientId";
YouTubeService service = new YouTubeService(client_id, developer_key);

Then you can write to a file using the extension profile of your service:

static void write_video_entry(VideoEntry video_entry) {
    try {
        String cache_file_path = Layout.get_cache_file_path(video_entry);
        File cache_file = new File(cache_file_path);
        Writer writer = new FileWriter(cache_file);
        XmlWriter xml_writer = new XmlWriter(writer);
        ExtensionProfile extension_profile = service.getExtensionProfile();
        video_entry.generateAtom(xml_writer, extension_profile);
    } catch (IOException e) {

Analogously, you can read a file using the extension profile of your service:

static VideoFeed read_video_feed(File cache_file_file) {
    VideoFeed video_feed = new VideoFeed();
    try {
        InputStream input_stream = new FileInputStream(cache_file_file);
        ExtensionProfile extension_profile = service.getExtensionProfile();
        try {
            video_feed.parseAtom(extension_profile, input_stream);
        } catch (ParseException e) {
    } catch (IOException e) {
    return video_feed;
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