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When authenticating the user how can I get the userID in order for me to list their blogs.

require_once 'google-api-php-client/src/Google_Client.php';
require_once 'google-api-php-client/src/contrib/Google_BloggerService.php'; 
$client = new Google_Client();
$blogger = new Google_BloggerService($client);

if (isset($_GET['code'])) {
  $_SESSION['token'] = $client->getAccessToken();
  $redirect = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];
  header('Location: ' . filter_var($redirect, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL));

if (isset($_SESSION['token'])) {

if ($client->getAccessToken()) {
    var_dump($blogger->blogs->listByUser("USER_ID_HERE")); //how do i get the user id?
} else {
  $authUrl = $client->createAuthUrl();
  print "<a href='$authUrl'>Connect Me!</a>";

The documentation is useless all it shows is how to get blogs posts etc using unknowns i.e blogID, postID etc. to be able to get blogID, postID I need the initial userID which is not given when authenticating.


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sorry that's in a common file should have mentioned my bad!! –  Yusaf Khaliq Aug 1 '13 at 2:50

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While doing blogger OAuth, I also come across same problem. But after reading 5-10 times the documentation it comes to me that we don't need the userID for getting the blogID. After getting the Access Token you can retrieve a list of a user's blogs by sending an HTTP GET request to the blogs collection URI:


or the request as:

GET https://www.googleapis.com/blogger/v3/users/self/blogs
Authorization: /* OAuth 2.0 token here */

Note: The user must be authenticated to list their own blogs, so you must provide the Authorization HTTP header with the GET request.

For more information visit google bloger api docs

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Could you please include how it can be done with PHP, I have tried everything –  Yusaf Khaliq Aug 7 '13 at 11:36
how to working in php curl? not a commond curl. –  fish man Nov 1 '13 at 19:25

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