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I tried to use connect-domain to handling error. In most cases it ok, but it fail with redis callback. How to fix this?

Here's my app

var http = require('http');
var express = require('express');
var connectDomain = require('connect-domain');
var redis = require("redis").createClient();

var app = express();

app.get('/', function (req, res) {
    throw new Error("Handler OK");

app.get('/error', function (req, res) {
    redis.get("akey", function(err, reply) {
        throw new Error("Handler error");

app.use(function (err, req, res, next) {

http.createServer(app).listen(8989, function() {
    console.log("Express server started ");

I use nodejs 0.8.16, all modules are latest

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Not sure if the domain should be catching that or not - but you can capture redis errors by setting up an error handler, like this:

// handle redis connection temporarily going down without app crashing
redisClient.on("error", function(err) {
    console.error("Error connecting to redis", err);

While the connection is broken your handler will keep getting called as redis tries to reconnect. If it's eventually successful everything will come back online on it's own.

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My problem must be solve for production use, of course. Because this problem, I have spend a lot effort to catch exception to ensure that the system isn't terminated on production mode. – teddy Sep 24 '13 at 7:02

You can also try It ensures clients can wait for server to be up in case when clients start early.

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