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I'm having trouble displaying the Uservoice widget on my page. I copied the javascript code from the Uservoice admin, converted it to HAML then pasted on to my app:


        var uv=document.createElement('script');
        var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];

      UserVoice = window.UserVoice || [];
      UserVoice.push(['showTab', 'classic_widget', {
        mode: 'full',
        primary_color: '#cc6d00',
        link_color: '#007dbf',
        default_mode: 'support',
        forum_id: 216289,
        tab_label: 'Feedback & Support',
        tab_color: '#cc6d00',
        tab_position: 'middle-right',
        tab_inverted: false

and my home view:

    <doctype html>
        = render 'shared/meta'
        = favicon_link_tag 'tgnd_favicon.png'

        = render 'shared/fb'
        #main{:role => "main"}
           = render 'shared/header'
           = render 'shared/sub_header'

              = render 'layouts/messages'
              = yield
           / ! end of .container
        = render 'layouts/uservoice'
        = render 'shared/footer'
        = render 'shared/dialogs'
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