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I'm new in chaco library and have some question. I have a code when I appends 2 tools, RangeSelections and ScatterInspector. I make some data (with random) and with this tools I can select the points to I like. Now, with the select points I need do some calculus and add a line to the plot existing. How I can do this??

import numpy as np

# Enthought library imports
from enable.api import Component, ComponentEditor
from traits.api import HasTraits, Instance
from traitsui.api import Item, VGroup, View, Label, HGroup, spring

# Chaco imports
from chaco.api import ArrayPlotData, Plot, ScatterInspectorOverlay
from chaco.tools.api import ScatterInspector, PanTool, ZoomTool, \
RangeSelection, RangeSelectionOverlay

# # Create the Chaco plot.
def _create_plot_component(self, x, y):

    # Create a plot data obect and give it this data
    pd = ArrayPlotData()
    pd.set_data("index", x)
    pd.set_data("value", y)

    # Create the plot
    plot = Plot(pd)
    plot.plot(("index", "value"),
              type="scatter", name="my_plot", marker="square",

    # Tweak some of the plot properties
    plot.title = "Scatter Plot With Selection"
    plot.line_width = 1
    plot.padding = 50

    # Right now, some of the tools are a little invasive, and we need the
    # actual ScatterPlot object to give to them
    my_plot = plot.plots["my_plot"][0]

    # Attach some tools to the plot
    my_plot.tools.append(ScatterInspector(my_plot, selection_mode="toggle",  persistent_hover=False))
            ScatterInspectorOverlay(my_plot,hover_color = "transparent",
                hover_marker_size = 10,hover_outline_color = "purple",
                hover_line_width = 2,selection_marker_size = 8,selection_color = "red")

    my_plot.tools.append(RangeSelection(my_plot, left_button_selects = False, rigth_button_selects = True, \
                                        auto_handle_event = False, metadata_name="annotations"))
    my_plot.overlays.append(RangeSelectionOverlay(component=my_plot, metadata_name = "annotations"))

    my_plot.overlays.append(ZoomTool(my_plot, drag_button="right"))

    return plot

# Attributes to use for the plot view.
title="Scatter plot with selection"

class Demo(HasTraits):
    plot = Instance(Component)

    traits_view = View(
                        HGroup(spring, Label('Click point to select/unselect'), 
                        Item('plot', editor=ComponentEditor(size=size,
                        orientation = "vertical"),
                    resizable=True, title=title

    def datos(self):
        # Creo los datos (en el futuro hay que leerlos)
        npts = 40
        x_max = 10
        x = np.random.random(npts)
        x = x * x_max
        error = np.random.random(npts)
        y = 2 + 3*x + 5*error

        return x, y

    def _metadata_handler(self):

        seleccionado_manu = self.index_datasource.metadata.get('selections')
        seleccionado_range = self.index_datasource.metadata.get('annotations')

        type_range = type(self.index_datasource.metadata['annotations'])
        if type_range != tuple:
            self.index_datasource.metadata['annotations'] = ()

        print "Selection manualmente:", seleccionado_manu
        print "selecionado con range:", seleccionado_range

    def _plot_default(self):
        x, y = self.datos()
        plot = _create_plot_component(self, x, y)

        # Retrieve the plot hooked to the tool.
        my_plot = plot.plots["my_plot"][0]
        print "hola"
        # Set up the trait handler for the selection       
        self.index_datasource = my_plot.index

        return plot

demo = Demo()

if __name__ == "__main__":


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