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I am new to using syntaxhighlighter. I am using there latest version 3.0.83. Can some one help how to customize the color of comments, header, etc ?

I am using < pre class="brush: c"> for coding style.

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The easiest solution would be to override the CSS rules for comments, but they're marked as !important so you have to do a little extra work.

Open your shBrushCpp.js file. Down towards the bottom there's a set of regular expression rules paired with a css property. Those values correspond to class names in shThemeDefault.css (or whatever theme you're using).

Copy your theme file to something like shThemeCustom.css or whatever you want. Include this file on your page instead of the original theme. From here, you can change whatever you want. Just reference the CSS rules from the brush file against your custom theme to know what needs to be changed.

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