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I've seen a native call to test if music is playing via the Music app on iOS, but I'm having trouble discovering if there's a native AS3 call or an ANE that can do the same? I have a game with it's own music, but I'd like to automatically disable that music if the player already has music playing.

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You ever find a solution to this? I have the exact same issue. –  roguenet Oct 18 '13 at 2:42
Not as yet. :\ It also hasn't been a high enough priority to build something myself. –  grey Nov 5 '13 at 3:09

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Will be necessary to create a custom ANE (I don't know if already exist one with this feature). I believe will be quite simple. Try to follow these steps

  • Include the AVFoundation framework
  • Import: #import
  • Create a method to check. Follow just an example

FREObject isMusicPlaying(FREContext ctx, void* funcData, uint32_t argc, FREObject argv[]) {

BOOL retunValue;

AVAudioPlayer *audioplayer; returnValue = (audioplayer.playing) ? YES : NO;

FREObject retStr = NULL; FRENewObjectFromBool(returnValue, retStr);

return retStr;


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