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How can I disable all of Quickfix/n's log and file factories? I want to handle all logging and message sending myself because I do not like the way how Quickfix sources log messages, meaning I want to decide when and how logging messages originate. Is there a way to completely disable any screen based or file based logging?


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There should be a NullLogFactory, but I don't currently see one, and I'm kind of confused why not. I thought there was one. (If you didn't know, I maintain QF/n.)

But you can create one like so:

public class NullLogFactory : ILogFactory
    SessionSettings settings_;

    #region LogFactory Members

    public NullLogFactory(SessionSettings settings)

    public ILog Create(SessionID sessionID)
        return new QuickFix.NullLog();


The next QF/n release will contain a null factory or something to fill that gap.

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thanks for that. –  Matt Wolf Aug 1 '13 at 14:00
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