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how can i find statical co_occurrence of words in a text? and replace the most frequent word with the less frequent one,and then how can i use this words for indexing? i tried this:

'''read document from file'''
file = open("prepro corpus.txt", "r",encoding="utf-8")
'''File to store high frequent words'''
newfile= open("freq.txt", "w",encoding="utf-8")
text = file.read()
word_list = text.split()
word_freq = {}
for word in word_list:
    word_freq[word] = word_freq.get(word, 0) + 1
keys = sorted(word_freq.keys())
print ("Display list of words and their frequency")
for word in keys:
    print (word,"=", word_freq[word])

print ("\nWrite high frequent words in to a file")
for words in word_freq:
    if (word_freq[words]>2):
        print (words,"=", word_freq[words])
        newfile.write(words+" ")
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can you point out what doesn't work in your code? –  CharlesB Aug 1 '13 at 7:51
That seems to be three questions, not one. And also, you don't explain what the problem is with your code, which clearly attempts to answer the first question already. And the third question doesn't really make much sense, especially considering the second question. Can you start with explaining what your goal with all this is? What are you trying to achieve? –  Lennart Regebro Aug 1 '13 at 7:51
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