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I have a ton of projects in Eclipse Package Explorer and I want most of them to go away. How do I delete projects from the Package Explorer view (but keep the files)?

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Select the project and delete. It ll ask u whether to delete the files permanently. Just dnt select the check box. The projects will vanish from the view. But they ll still be in the workspace for later imports –  madhairsilence Aug 1 '13 at 7:56

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Just close the projects. Right-click on the top-level node of the project and select "Close Project". That's assuming you want to be able to use the project later. If you don't, you can delete the project - it will offer you the option of whether or not to delete the content files.

You might also consider using several different workspaces, each containing a few related projects.

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Just hit the DEL key on your keyboard while selecting the Project. It'll ask you if you want to keep the project-files

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ENTF? After doing a search, that sounds like a German-specific key-name... unlikely to be useful to most readers of this answer. –  Jon Skeet Aug 1 '13 at 7:57
Yes i meant del ;) –  Loki Aug 1 '13 at 7:57

Just right click on the project and click delete .But does not allow to delete it from the project location(Workspace)

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You can do it

Click on right corner of Project Explorer tab and open context menu. Select Filters option from menu.

Here is the Screenshots process

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You can also use working sets. Each one will contain a set of projects, and you can change between them easily.

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Its a simple two-step process

  • Close unwanted projects - right click and select "close project"
  • Hide closed projects (use this method)
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