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I am being tasked to find a address validation engine for our company's database. The preferred method is through API feeds, and we are trying to avoid Google as it was deemed highly inaccurate for non-US address. We are looking for providers for international addresses, especially those which can give highly accurate street address with just a postal code.

Hope to hear responses soon! Thank you in advance!

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Google was probably deemed "highly inaccurate" for international addresses because Google doesn't verify addresses. Google Maps will place a pin on an address where it would exist if it did exist, but doesn't mean that it does exist. (Trust me, I work at SmartyStreets.)

Only 5% of countries in the world actually support address verification. See: http://smartystreets.com/kb/faq/do-you-verify-international-addresses

All the other countries just don't carry delivery-point-level data.

But you can try some services like Cdyne, Melissa Data, QAS, or Postcode Anywhere, for international "validation". Be careful, though, I've seen QAS and Postcode Anywhere give back a "valid" result when actually the address isn't valid. Some companies only use "range" or street-level data even if delivery point data is available, meaning that they assume/guess it's right, even if it's not.

I guess it depends what your needs are.

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