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Right now, the month calendar cell is of height 80px, which I reckon is too much. I want to change the rows with days. I tried doing inspect element and found the name table class to be cal_table and added table.cal_table tr{height:40px} to the template.css file.

JEvents Month Calendar Cell Size

As seen above, it increased the height of the first row where the days of the week are displayed, to 40px and retained the heights of the others. What I want, on the contrary, is to retain the height of the first row and reduce those of the rest to 40px. My analysis of the situation is the following:

As in the above I see that in the first <tr> element, there is no style attribute set. So the height setting added in the template works. Whereas in the subsequent <tr> elements there is a style attribute in which is the 80px height setting, which I reckon is the reason the setting I added in the template is overridden. I want to remove style="height:80px", but I found it tough searching the com_jevents folder in which it is set and felt as if it were a needle-in-a-haystack problem!

I somehow want to have the setting added in template.css override the setting in the style attribute as in the picture, or better, just get rid of the style="height:80px". Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I right-clicked a row in the month calendar cell and found the class of the element. Then set the property in template.css and to override all inline styles, did as in here! Thanks to StackOverflow once again!!

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