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I am trying to get the following done.

Let's say I have a directory stucture like this


I want to use XCOPY to copy certain files to another base directory, but I want to keep the structure of the folders. So, for example I want to copy 3 files from the example above to another disk.


How can I achieve this?

I tried the following but none seems to do what I want (i ran those from C:\photos\all)

XCOPY "abc\def\001.jpg" "D:\newphotos\abc\def\001.jpg" (keeps asking if it is a file or folder)

XCOPY "abc\def\001.jpg" "D:\newphotos\" (doesn't create the target folder structure)

XCOPY /S "abc\def\001.jpg" "D:\newphotos\" (doesn't create the target folder structure)
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Ah, finally found it. Putting an asterisk * behind the filename will do the trick. So, for any of you with the same problem:

XCOPY "abc\def\001.jpg" "D:\newphotos\abc\def\001.jpg*"

This does the trick.

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