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I am using Net::SSH::Expect module to get line counts of tar files on remote server. Sometimes I get inconsistent output if I try to print values of $myhash{$key1}{$key2}. Normally the output contains 3 lines
1. prompt with command
2. Actual line count of tar command e.g.346732
3. Prompt

So I extract my actual value by considering it is on the 2nd line of output.. like $array[1]
But sometimes I get strange output for few items in array. The output is mixed, or the 2nd line is blank, anything. Because of which my $array[1] logic fails and thus script fails. I have also found it happens if corresponding file for that item is very large, say size=14903968 (not always though)

Here is my sample code:

my $ssh = Net::SSH::Expect->new (
            host => "hostname.net",
            user => 'username',
            raw_pty => 1,

foreach my $key1 (@array){
      $filename = "something_$key1";
      $myhash{$key1}{'a'} = $ssh->exec("tar xfzO $path/$filename file1.csv | wc -l");
      $myhash{$key1}{'b'} = $ssh->exec("tar xfzO $path/$filename file2.csv | wc -l");


How to get that actual line counts if array[1] logic does not work as expected?

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Net::SSH::Expect is unreliable. Use Net::OpenSSH or Net::SSH2 –  salva Aug 1 '13 at 11:29
What about Net::SSH::Perl? –  CuriousOne Aug 2 '13 at 12:52

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