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The following code implements a datatable inside a layout, in the datatable I added a menu Button whose menu Item updates the content of a dialog "outside the table" upon clicking it. I get this error upon running the cde at the browser:

JBWEB000065: HTTP Status 500 - Cannot find component with identifier ":choice" referenced from "form:accounts:0:j_idt11".

Here is the code:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"
        href="#{request.contextPath}/style.css" />
    <h:form id="form">
        <p:dialog header="You selected" widgetVar="dlg" id="choice" resizable="false" modal="true">
                    This item.

        <p:layout style="min-width:400px;min-height:200px;" id="layout">
            <p:layoutUnit position="center">
                <p:dataTable id="accounts" var="account" value="pop" rowKey="1">

                    <p:column headerText="ID"></p:column>

                    <p:column headerText="Option">

                        <p:growl id="messages" />
                        <p:menuButton value="">
                            <p:menuitem value="1" update="choice" oncomplete="dlg.show()" />
                            <p:menuitem value="2" update="choice" oncomplete="dlg.show()" />
                            <p:menuitem value="3" update="choice" oncomplete="dlg.show()" />


Update: When I add the dialog inside the databale it is seen by the menu button, but it either doesn't display properly, or opens and can't be closed.

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In your case, <h:form> will prepend its id to its components. To get rid of the error change your <p:menuitem> (all three) from

<p:menuitem value="1" update="choice" oncomplete="dlg.show()" />


<p:menuitem value="1" update=":form:choice" oncomplete="dlg.show()" />

Useful links

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