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I have defined a relationship between two models of different app using foreign key and data is inserted into Db accurately with foreign key instance, but I want to fetch that data using Django ORM but I didn't get it, I have googled this issue and also checked stack-overflow questions but still my issues are not solved.

class teamInfo(models.Model):       
    ownerID = models.IntegerField()
    teamName = models.CharField(max_length=50)

    def __unicode__(self):
         return unicode(

class gameWorld(models.Model):
    team = models.ForeignKey(teamInfo)
    w = models.IntegerField(null=True)
    l = models.IntegerField(null=True)

    def __unicode__(self):
        return unicode(

I have tried a few things in my views but nothing worked for me. Here is the latest thing I have tried in my views:

def teamStandings(request,template=None,context=None):

    getAllTeamStat = gameWorld.objects.all()

    for i in getAllTeamStat.teaminfo_set.select_related() :
        raise Exception(i.teaminfo.teamName)

I simply want a Django ORM query which fetches data from both models so I can display the team name in templates

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See here and try that:

class TeamStandingsView(ListView):
    model = gameWorld
    template = # Some template path here!
    context_object_name = "games"

in template:

{% for game in games %}
    {{ }} 
{% endfor %}
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edit: this should work:

def teamStandings(request,template=None,context=None):
        for team in getAllTeamStat:
            for teaminfo in team.teaminfo_set.all():
                 print teaminfo.teamName
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I am getting this error whatever I use 'QuerySet' object has no attribute 'teaminfo_set' Or 'teamInfo_set' – Inforian Aug 1 '13 at 9:47
This won't work because gameWorld.objects.all() will return a QuerySet and throw an error when calling teaminfo_set. – Henrik Andersson Aug 1 '13 at 9:47
There is no valid "reverse" relationship here. You can use reverse only if you start with teamInfo Model. Here you can just access team from your QuerySet – user710907 Aug 1 '13 at 9:48
that's true. i forget a for. – EsseTi Aug 1 '13 at 12:00

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