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Is it possible to do this in LINQ to SQL in a single command?

/* Hello, everyone */
Insert into Messages (
From Contacts

(I know I could iterate through Contacts, InsertOnSubmit many times, and SubmitChanges at the end; but this generates one Insert command per contact, and repeats the message text each time; it's bulky and slower.)

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Freddy is right.

In terms of simplifying the Linq what you're looking for is InsertAllOnSubmit() as below, but in terms of not generating a tonne of insert statements Linq to SQL is currently deficient.

InsertAllOnSubmit to avoid a coded loop:

var selquery = from c in Contacts 
               select new Message 
                 MessageText = "Hello", 
                 ContactID = c.ContactID 

I changed Message to MessageText to avoid naming conflicts...

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Thanks, this is helpful. –  Herb Caudill Nov 25 '09 at 19:16

no, even if you use insertAllOnSubmit and give it the IQueryable with the select, it'll still generate the multiple insert commands.

There is someone that made something like that, but I don't have the link at hand (that'll generate the insert from sql). That said, if you have a simple requirement, I'd just send that sql query directly.

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You could try storing the results of the Select statement into a List and then call InsertAllOnSubmit(List).


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As an alternative way, if you are not using client-side objects, you can try using DataContext.ExecuteCommand.

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