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I am trying to develop XMPP chat client on mac. I want to make chat text field with emoticon as like Skype.

I tried this way : NSTextView insert image in between text

    NSMutableAttributedString* mastring = [[NSMutableAttributedString alloc] initWithAttributedString:astring];
    NSImage * emoticon = [NSImage imageNamed:@"smile.png"];
    NSTextAttachmentCell *attachmentCell = [[NSTextAttachmentCell alloc] initImageCell:emoticon];
    NSTextAttachment *attachment = [[NSTextAttachment alloc] init];
    [attachment setAttachmentCell: attachmentCell ];
    NSAttributedString *attributedString = [NSAttributedString attributedStringWithAttachment: attachment];
    [allstring insertAttributedString:attributedString atIndex:1];

So I inserted emoticon image into NSTextField, but I can't copy/paste emoticon image into another NSTextfield. Please tech me. Thanks everybody.

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