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My project structure looks like this


And my build script does stuff like:

  • delete <base_dir>\release
  • copy <base_dir>\build\thirdparty to <base_dir>\release
  • compile code and output to <base_dir>\release

I need to change the location of <base_dir> occasionally and I would like the r2b script to just work when I do this. Right now I have to go in and manually update <base_dir> when it changes.

Is it possible to reference files relative to the r2p file location? This would allow me to do something like:

  • delete <r2p_script_dir>\..\release
  • copy <r2p_script_dir>\..\build\thirdparty to <r2p_script_dir>\..\release
  • compile code and output to <r2p_script_dir>\..\release
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so far there is no buildin variable support that. i will consider it in 3.0 to support more buildin variables.

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