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In my app, i have multiple page, i do have a plain model, from the plain model i am extending further models according to the pages using the collection's parse method.

after doing this, still i am not getting the returned collection, instead i am getting just the object what i am retrieving from the backend.

myview code :

        ],function ($,Backbone,model,collection,naviView,myTaskView) {

    var dashBoardView = Backbone.View.extend({
            "click h2" : "tileleDispaly"
            this.c = collection;
            this.listenTo(this.c, 'sync', this.logCollection);
//not getting the collection shows array length as 1
                var tittle = $(e.target).text();
                new myTaskView().showTitle(tittle);

    return dashBoardView;


my collection code :

   define(["backbone","models/model"], function (Backbone,model) {

    var titleModel = model.extend({
        "title" : "no title assigned"

    var slideModel = model.extend({
        "slide" : "no title assigned"

    var rowModel = model.extend({
        "title" : "no title assigned",
        "text"  : "no text",
        "date"  : "define date"

    var optionModel = model.extend({
        "show" : "no title assigned"

    var dashBoardCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({


            var that = this;

                var x = [];
// update 1. pushing all models to x array

            _.each(response.DashBoard, function(obj){


                    x.push(new titleModel(obj));

                }else if (obj.hasOwnProperty("widget")){

                    _.each(obj.widget, function(m){
                        x.push(new slideModel(obj));

                }else if (obj.hasOwnProperty("activity")){

                    _.each(obj.activity, function(va){


                            _.each(va.rows, function(row){
                                x.push(new rowModel(row));

                        }else if (va.hasOwnProperty("option")){

                            _.each(va.option, function(option){
                                x.push(new optionModel(option));





//update 2. adding the models to collection

// console works fine shows the array length as 12.

                return this;
//returning to view.. 


    return new dashBoardCollection;


but my view hasn't brings any models.. from collection, what is wrong here..? or my way of approach is wrong? any one help me to sort this issue..?

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That is because the response in done is not a Collection. It is just an object from the response..

Log c which is an updated collection

    console.log(c); //Will be the updated collection

Also listening to the event is a cleaner approach than using promised methods.

initialize: function() {
       this.c = collection;
       this.listenTo(this.c, 'sync', this.logCollection);

       this.c.fetch(); //fetching the data
logCollection: function() {
    console.log(this.c); // This will log the collection
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Hi Sushanth, i updated my question, still i am getting issue. in the collection part i am getting all models, but in the view part (after fetch) i am not getting the models.. some how the view part not properly fetching the data.. – 3gwebtrain Aug 2 '13 at 4:20
can you post a small sample of response that you get from the server – Sushanth -- Aug 2 '13 at 4:35
I am using json file.. when i console in the collection i am getting the length, but not in view.. still let me put all my code in to fiddle and update you – 3gwebtrain Aug 2 '13 at 4:37
for the idea purpose i updated in to jsfiddle.. here is the link jsfiddle.net/nukRb – 3gwebtrain Aug 2 '13 at 4:39
Did you try giving a unique ID for each model in the object – Sushanth -- Aug 2 '13 at 5:26

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