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I recently discovered, however, that all public functions are displayed in the "Insert Function" dialogue box when you select "User Defined" in the "Or select a category" drop down list.

This happens even if you password protect the project and lock it for viewing.

To get to the "Insert Function" dialogue box press Shift-F3.

Private functions are not displayed in the list, but it is impossible to make all functions private, especially if you want to reuse them across modules.

Is there a way to prevent public functions stored in a protected add-in from being displayed in the "Insert Function" dialogue box in Excel?


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Adding the following code to your module will make the public functions accessible through code but will hide them in this dialog.

Option Private Module
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POW! I need to learn more of those module level declarations. Thanks! – Kuyenda Nov 25 '09 at 19:23

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