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I have a complicated jQuery form and I want to disable several form elements if a certain checkbox is checked. I'm using jQuery 1.3.2, and all the relevant plugins. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks, Dakota

Here is my HTML:

    <li id="form-item-15" class="form-item">
        <div class='element-container'>
            <select id="house_year_built" name="house_year_built" class="form-select" >
                 ...Bunch of options...
            <input type="text" title="Original Purchase Price" id="house_purchase_price" name="house_purchase_price" class="form-text money" />
            <input type="text" title="Current Home Debt" id="house_current_debt" name="house_current_debt" class="form-text money" />
        <span class="element-toggle">
            <input type="checkbox" id="house_toggle" />
            <span>Do not own house</span>

Here is my jQuery:

$('.element-toggle input').change(function () { 
    if ($(this).is(':checked')) $(this).parents('div.element-container').children('input,select').attr('disabled', true);
    else $(this).parents('div.element-container').children('input,select').removeAttr('disabled'); });
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There are a few things that should be changed. First of all, the actual HTML structure doesn't match what you're querying for in JavaScript (specifically the parents() call). Secondly, binding to the click event will provide better support in IE since IE will sometimes wait to fire the change event until after the element loses focus.

$('.element-toggle input').bind('click', function () {
    var inputs = $(this).closest('li.form-item').find('div.element-container').children('input,select');

    if ($(this).attr('checked')) {
        inputs.attr('disabled', true);
    } else {
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Still not working, but looks like it should. Is it possible bind() is flakier than onchange, even if less compatible. I'll keep playing around. Hmm. – Dakota Nov 25 '09 at 19:35
I ultimately eliminated the element-container class since it wasn't behaving for me and went with: $('.element-toggle input').bind('click', function () { var inputs = $(this).closest('li.form-item').find('input,select'); if ($(this).attr('checked')) inputs.attr('disabled', true); else inputs.removeAttr('disabled'); $(this).removeAttr('disabled'); }); Thanks again, D – Dakota Nov 25 '09 at 21:07

just a tidbit: since jquery 1.6 you should not use $(this).attr('checked') which is always true, but rather $(this).prop('checked').

it is also advisable to use $(this).prop('disabled') (to test whether the element is disabled), and $(this).prop('disabled', newState) rather than attr.

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The if-statement can be also omitted and thus making a one-liner from that inputs.prop('disabled', $(this).prop('checked')); – Andrej Sramko Nov 25 '14 at 18:57

That was helpful. If anyone's looking for a plugin, here you go:

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Works but costs $3 or $15 and is not open source. – ftrotter Mar 8 '12 at 9:28

<div class='element-container'> is not a parent for $('.element-toggle input') is your example

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