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I'm struggling with encoding of charaters in Python. I have script which takes article from website which is full of special language characters and I'm opening a external file with common words, a txt file which is saved to utf-8 and also has word with special characters. Part of code where I wanna set up a encoding looks like this:

def getArticleText(webtext):
articletext = ""
soup = BeautifulSoup(webtext)
for tag in soup.find_all("div", {"class":"dr_article"}):
    for element in tag.find_all("p"):
        articletext += element.contents[0]
    return articletext

def getArticle(url):
htmltext = gethtml.getHtmlText(url)
return getArticleText(htmltext)

def getKeywords(articletext):
common = open("word_rank/comon.txt").read().split('\n')
word_dict = {}
word_list = articletext.lower().split()
for word in word_list:
    if word not in common :
        if word not in word_dict:
            word_dict[word] = 1
        if word in word_dict:
            word_dict[word] += 1
print sorted(word_dict.items(),key=lambda(k,v):(v,k),reverse=True)

Now I don't have problem with print of that whole articletext. It prints out those special characters in a right way.

My problem are that keywords defined in getKeywords definition, they get printed out in that way as in example:

(u'\u0161elteru', 2), (u'\u010ditateljice', 2),
(u'\u017eeli,', 2), (u'\u0161tekat', 2),

and so on...

How can I set up a encoding of that keywords so that it would display words in proper way?

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Probably BeautifulSoup encoded utf-8 characters, find decoding method. –  solusipse Aug 1 '13 at 12:31

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Use unidecode

Example usage:

t = u"\u5317\u4EB0"
unidecode( '%s' % (t,) )
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I've setted up .decode('utf-8') in common = open("word_rank/comon.txt").read().split('\n') right after .read() and it worked. Just what I need :D. Thanks anyway guys!

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