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I'm sure that it is possible but I just can't do it, which is: How can I define function template inside non-template class? I tryied something like this:

class Stack_T
        void* _my_area;
        static const int _num_of_objects = 10;

        // Allocates space for objects added to stack
        explicit Stack_T(size_t);
        virtual ~Stack_T(void);

        // Puts object onto stack
        template<class T>
        void put(const T&);

        // Gets last added object to the stack
        template<class T>
        T& get()const;

        // Removes last added object from the stack
        template<class T>
        void remove(const T&);

void Stack_T::put<T>(const T& obj)

but it doesn't work. I'm getting this err msg:

'Error 1 error C2768: 'Stack_T::put' : illegal use of explicit template arguments'
Thank you

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Don't put the <T> after the function name. This should work:

template<class T>
void Stack_T::put(const T& obj)


This still won't work if the function definition is not in the header file. To solve this, use one of:

  • Put the function definition in the header file, inside the class.
  • Put the function definition in the header file after the class (like in your example code).
  • Use explicit template instanciation in the header file. This has serious limitations though (you have to know all possible values of T in advance).
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I tryied this but I'm getting an error: 'Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Stack_T::put<int>(int const &)" (??$put@H@Stack_T@@QAEXABH@Z) referenced in function _wmain Stack_of_Objects.obj ' – There is nothing we can do Nov 25 '09 at 19:56

Appologies to everyone who tryied help me with that question. What was my main mistake that I included in main .h file as with concrete class and I forgot that with templates the story is bit different and to do that one has to use inclusion or separation model, which I forgot about. Once again thank you and I'm sorry for bothering.

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