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I have a tree panel which is being dynamically generated based on server data. Below is the code to generate tree panel and add it to a form.

    url: '../Get_Menu.php',
    method: 'POST',
    success: function (result, request) {
        var json = result.responseText;
        var temp = Ext.decode(json);
        var obj = {};
        var item = {};
        var menu = {};
        var children = [];
        var module = [{
            "text": "Administrator",
                "leaf": true,
                "checked": false,
                "id": "GROUP_ADMIN",
                "formBind": true,
                "name": "GROUP_ADMIN"

        for (var i = 0; i < Object.keys(temp.MENUS).length; i++) {

            for (var key in temp.MENUS[i]) {

                for (var n = 0; n < Object.keys(temp.MENUS[i][key]).length; n++) {

                    item = {
                        "text": temp.MENUS[i][key][n],
                            "checked": false,
                            "id": key + "_" + temp.MENUS[i][key][n],
                            "name": key + "_" + temp.MENUS[i][key][n],
                            "formBind": true,
                            "leaf": true
                menu = {
                    "text": key,
                        "leaf": false,
                        "id": key,
                        "children": children

                children = [];
        obj = {
            "text": "Service Quality",
                "expanded": true,
                "formBind": true,
                "children": module


    failure: function (result, request) {
        Ext.Msg.alert('Error', 'An Error occured...');

I have to check the nodes of tree panel based on server data i am receiving like this:


The Tree panel: enter image description here

Please help me in getting tree panel nodes checked through server data.

Help will be appreciated!

Thanks Much :)

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Can't you set the permissions serverside?

Anyway, you can use the successcallback from the "permissions" request. You can loop through the permissions and then get the treenodes by Id:

var treepanel = Ext.getCmp('permissionsTreePanel');
var treestore = treepanel.getStore();
var node = treestore.getNodeById('GROUP_ADMIN'); //current permission key
node.set('checked', true); // current permission value
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Thank you very much :) – Anand Singh Aug 2 '13 at 6:14

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