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When I run Rubinius' profiler, using something like

ruby -Xprofiler.graph test/test_suite.rb

with the following within the test suite

# Code for actual tests here

# create a profiler instance
profiler = Rubinius::Profiler::Instrumenter.new

# start the profiler

# Run test unit now
require 'test/unit'
class Test::Unit::Runner
  @@stop_auto_run = true


# print out the profiler info
profiler.show  # takes on IO object, defaults to STDOUT

I often see something like

1,379 methods omitted

1,424 methods called a total of 0 times

presumably because the remaining methods are too small to meet some threshold of time taken.

I tried using something like -Xprofiler.threshold=10000, but it didn't seem to help.

How can I modify how many methods are omitted by Rubinius' profiler?

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Use the -Xprofiler.full_report option.

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