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$te= microtime(true);
$diff = $te-$ts;
echo $diff; // outputs 3.0994415283203E-5

what does 3.0994415283203*E-5* means? is it 3+ seconds

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3.0994415283203*E-5* is a very very small value then the 1.

Here E-5 means 10 to the power -5 (read as exponentiation -5 of 10). It is a mathematical term. You number 3.0994415283203E-5 means

3.0994415283203/100000 = 0.000030994415283203

Which is very small number then the 1 second. means less then 1 second.

1 microsecond = 0.000001 seconds

Your result is in seconds e.i 0.000030994415283203 seconds.

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That 'odd' number is the scientific notation. You can use number_format to get a normal formatted number. Like:

$a = 3.0994415283203E-5;
echo number_format($a, 5);



So actually, the number is far below 1 second ;) .

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thanks, i was looking for this function. –  codepiper Aug 1 '13 at 13:47

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