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I have a form with form components. Now I just want to "submit" a part of it for validation check. So I don't want to submit the whole form, but just 1 textfield and 1 select so it can be validated to show a warning if necessary. When the whole form is submitted this validation does not happen, as it was just a warning, not incorrect input.

I could create a mixin that fires a Tapestry event from javascript with the values of the textfield and the select and then do the checks and when needed show a warning with javascript.

But if there is a more simple/existing solution I'd like to hear it.


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You might find my observe mixin useful. It can attach to any clientside event (eg onchange) and can pass multiple field values if you'd like to validate as a group.


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Yes that's exactly what I need and what I was planning to make. I'm using tapestry-jquery library though, so I'll need to adapt it to jquery. Thanks! –  Nathan Q Aug 1 '13 at 15:16
I'm sure that would only require a small tweak to the js. Everything else could stay the same. Take a look at tapestry-jquery bind mixin. –  Lance Java Aug 1 '13 at 15:23

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