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I have simple jbuilder view

json.id pharmaceutic.id
json.name pharmaceutic.name
json.dosage pharmaceutic.dosage.name

When pharmaceutic.dosage => nil

My rendered json looks like below:

{"id":1,"name":"HerzASS ratiopharm","dosage":null}

I would like set up for all jBuilder views that when some attribute is nil it should be rendered as empty string.

{"id":1,"name":"HerzASS ratiopharm","dosage":""}

How to achieve that?

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Maybe by doing this? json.dosage pharmaceutic.dosage.name || "" with this operand if dosage.name is nil it will use the empty string –  MrYoshiji Aug 1 '13 at 13:51

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nil.to_s #=> "" so, you can simply add .to_s

json.id pharmaceutic.id
json.name pharmaceutic.name.to_s
json.dosage pharmaceutic.dosage.name.to_s
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This is good solution but I am looking an answer where i don't need to ad to_s for all my 500 attributes. –  regedarek Aug 1 '13 at 14:05

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