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How do large corporations manage to share Private keys? i.e. An application is in the building stage, there is one group of developers with a private key, this gives them access to develop the application. It is a large application, that requires to reach out to multiple groups of developers to help build on it. Please assist me in a way where I can get that same private key to the other groups, or is that not possible and each group would need a separate private key?

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You don't want to share your private keys with your developers...you should restrict access to the private key to a very small group of trusted people.

To allow developers to work on code you can use Delay Signing/Test Key signing:

On your secured CI/Build Server that generates your "releases"...you would allow it access to the production private key and then use that in the build process during a "Release" build (which doesn't use Delay Signing) to sign everything properly.

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