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I'm trying to figure out which structure would be better for doing several radius search of points, a kd-tree or an octree? It was already mentioned in this question but there was no answer. It seems to me that since octrees have fixed sizes for the leafs it can already be computed the branches that I need to visit while for kd-tree you have to iteratively visit branches until radius is covered.

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For 3D and fixed query radius, octrees are a good choice. If you need to work on disk, other data structures may be better, but the k-d-tree doesn't shine here either.

Why don't you try both and see which works better for your data?

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In my project I am using an Octree for the range search and it works efficiently and is easy to implement. Never compared it to KD-Tree though. To my knowledge the worst case time complexity in kd trees for this operation is O(n^(2/3)) for three dimensional data, while Octree can only garantee O(n). So if you care about worst time complexity, choose KD Tree. (I dont care about worst time complexity, if I know in my data set this will never happen.)

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