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Im trying to remove the scrollbars and replace them with up/down buttons.

Im nearly there, everything works, I just want to remove the 'up' button when you are scrolled right to the top of the container. right now Ive just hidden it as a default and an onscroll event on the container, and then just do this to make the scroll button appear:

 function OnScrollDiv (div) {

But if you scroll back up, the up button stays, of course.

Now I dont understand why my alternative wont work! What I want to do is just check at the scroll event whether the scrollTop() value is 0, if it is, dont show it. I dont know javascript, but I would imagine it would look like:

  function OnScrollDiv (div) {
var n = $("#prodcont").scrollTop();
if (n = 0) {
else {

But alas, this does not work. At all. Any suggestions?!

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Please, please, please do not remove the scrollbars. This is an awful user experience. – Mathletics Aug 1 '13 at 18:46

You can make use of onscroll event provided by window. Ref

window.onscroll = scroll;

function scroll () {
    console.log("scroll event detected! " + window.pageXOffset + " " + window.pageYOffset);
    if(window.pageXOffset == 0 && window.pageYOffset == 0)
        console.log('hide buttons');
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