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I am trying to use R ggplot2 package to make a boxplot.

However I can only get legend like this. Is there anyway I can change those legend key to just a solid square, instead of using those small box with central line?

The code I used is:

      +theme(axis.text = element_text(colour = "black",size=10))
      +scale_y_continuous(" RA (%) ")+scale_x_discrete(limits=taxalist[1:5]," ")
      +scale_fill_manual(name = "MY type", values = mycol[1:nmc])
      +theme_bw() + guides(fill=guide_legend(title=NULL))+theme(legend.position=c(1,1),legend.justification=c(1,1)) 
      +theme(legend.key = element_blank(),legend.key.size = unit(1.5, "lines"))
      +theme( panel.grid.major = element_blank(),  panel.grid.minor = element_blank(),  panel.background = element_blank())  )

Sorry I cannot image here to describe my question.

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Here's the legend shown as simple squares, using a variant of a hack that I have seen Winston Change use here. (I am using the diamonds dataset.)

enter image description here

The idea is to plot geom_points (whose legend you can control, and to suppress the boxplot's legend altogether)

p <- ggplot() + geom_point(data=diamonds, aes(x=cut, y=mean(depth), color=clarity), shape=15, size=5)
p <- p + guides(color=guide_legend(title=NULL)) 
p <- p + theme(legend.key = element_blank())
p <- p  + geom_boxplot(data=diamonds,aes(x=cut,fill=factor(clarity),y=depth)) + guides(fill=FALSE)

Also check out Hadley's Legend-Attributes page on github

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Thanks @Ram Narasimhan! I tried your code, but always report Error: ggplot2 doesn't know how to deal with data of class uneval. You know how to solve that problem? –  Tao Ding Aug 2 '13 at 20:55
If you are getting that error message, make sure that you are explicitly stating the data = argument. See this question, for example: stackoverflow.com/questions/16486819/… The code above works for me. –  Ram Narasimhan Aug 2 '13 at 22:45
Hey @Ram Narasimhan. There is one problem you may noticed that in the the plot you uploaded, the first column there is a small square there which is unexpected. I suppose in all five cuts there are also a same square but in different color there. I had the same problem now. How can we get rid of that? Thanks! –  Tao Ding Aug 5 '13 at 15:13
Yes I see that. Ways to get around that is to move the y axis value (instead of y=mean(depth) ) or to make the size smaller, so that the square gets smaller. –  Ram Narasimhan Aug 5 '13 at 17:48

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