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In the MinGW Windows API bindings, file shlobj.h, there is this line:


Nowhere in the headers is SEE_VALID_CMIC_FLAGS defined. A search on MSDN reveals nothing.

What is the purpose of this line?

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SEE_ prefix refers to flags in the SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure (apparently from
ShellExecuteEx where it's used).

CMIC_ prefix is for flags in the CMINVOKECOMMANDINFO structure (used by IContextMenu::InvokeCommand).

If you check their definition, you'll see that they're basically mirroring each other. My guess is that IContextMenu::InvokeCommand just copies the flags to a SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure and invokes ShellExecuteEx.

The value of CMIC_VALID_SEE_FLAGS/SEE_VALID_CMIC_FLAGS is not defined in any of the current Win32 headers, but I imagine it was present in some old SDK at the time MinGW authors were making their own headers. From the name, it seems to the a set of flags which are valid in both SHELLEXECUTEINFO and IContextMenu::InvokeCommand. My guess is that it's used internally in the implementation of IContextMenu::InvokeCommand similar to this:

if ( pici->fMask & ~CMIC_VALID_SEE_FLAGS )
   // unsupported flags present. do some extra work
   // we can use it as-is
   sei.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);
   sei.fMask = pici->fMask;
   // ... etc

In short, do not bother with this define. Just use the documented flags from MSDN.

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