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i was trying to create a tcp socket server using perl. I was succesfully able to create a server which listens in particular port. But after serving one client request, Socket server is getting closed. The server is not listening for more than one client request.

while (accept(Client, Server)) {
    # do something with new Client connection
    if ($kidpid = fork) {
            close Client;         # parent closes unused handle
            #next REQUEST;
            next REQUEST if $!{EINTR};
    print "$kidpid\n";
    defined($kidpid)   or die "cannot fork: $!" ;

    close Server;             # child closes unused handle

    $| = 1;                  ]
    select (STDOUT);

    # per-connection child code does I/O with Client handle
    $input = <Client>;
    print Client "output11\n";  # or STDOUT, same thing

    open(STDIN, "<<&Client")    or die "can't dup client: $!";
    open(STDOUT, ">&Client")    or die "can't dup client: $!";
    open(STDERR, ">&Client")    or die "can't dup client: $!";

    print "finished\n";    

    close Client;

I am unable to find the issue in the above code. Could some one please help me on this?

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The code you're showing is a syntax error (at least b/c of the stray, unmatched ]) and possibly a runtime error (missing REQUEST label). Can you turn this into the smallest code that shows the behavior in question? –  pilcrow Aug 1 '13 at 20:37

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You can find working example of INET/TCP socket server in perlipc(1) man page. I prefer using IO::Socket standard as described here. If you don't want to use the IO::Socket module, you have working example here.

Server sample code from this manual:

 #!/usr/bin/perl -w
 use IO::Socket;
 use Net::hostent;      # for OOish version of gethostbyaddr

 $PORT = 9000;          # pick something not in use

 $server = IO::Socket::INET->new( Proto     => "tcp",
                                  LocalPort => $PORT,
                                  Listen    => SOMAXCONN,
                                  Reuse     => 1);

 die "can't setup server" unless $server;
 print "[Server $0 accepting clients]\n";

 while ($client = $server->accept()) {
   print $client "Welcome to $0; type help for command list.\n";
   $hostinfo = gethostbyaddr($client->peeraddr);
   printf "[Connect from %s]\n", $hostinfo ? $hostinfo->name : $client->peerhost;
   print $client "Command? ";
   while ( <$client>) {
     next unless /\S/;       # blank line
     if    (/quit|exit/i)    { last                                      }
     elsif (/date|time/i)    { printf $client "%s\n", scalar localtime() }
     elsif (/who/i )         { print  $client `who 2>&1`                 }
     elsif (/cookie/i )      { print  $client `/usr/games/fortune 2>&1`  }
     elsif (/motd/i )        { print  $client `cat /etc/motd 2>&1`       }
     else {
       print $client "Commands: quit date who cookie motd\n";
   } continue {
      print $client "Command? ";
   close $client;

Hope it helps!

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Thanks pzn. your code helps me. I will try to include child process to cater my requirement. Thanks –  Mohan Aug 2 '13 at 5:24

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