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How to write a confirm dialog in javascript with custom choices?

Instead of just "Ok" and "Cancel", I would like to have for example "This" "That" and "Other".

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In short, you can't.

You might want to consider looking into using something like a jQuery UI dialog instead.

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facebook do this all the time, !link to screenshot –  mebjas Apr 17 at 2:45

You can't. Use some javascript UI (jQuery UI, YUI, Mootools) library and mimic a dialog you need.

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You would have to write yourself new dialogs. You can't alter the existing ones, as far as I know.

Maybe this article will help you.

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You could ask the user for an answer using:

var userChoice = prompt("Question");

You could loop that sentence until the user enters an answer within the valid ones.

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The easiest way is to use the bootbox library:

Bootbox javascript library

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