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I can not open any PNG files anymore with draw9patch. When i use the menu (File - Open 9-patch), just nothing happens. No file browser opens. When i drag a PNG into the app UI, it freezes right away and i have to kill the process. I'm using the Android SDK Tools 22.0.5, which is the latest version, on a Mac.

I've tried it with android-sdk/tools/draw9patch and java -jar android-sdk/tools/lib/draw9patch.jar. Both with the same result and no log output or anything.

Any ideas what's going wrong here?


Just downloaded the whole ADT bundle again. Still no change.

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Take a look at this answer : stackoverflow.com/a/23150433/519814 –  Subin Sebastian Apr 18 at 8:35
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Of course, one more time: just after i ask on SO, i figure it out.

I tried to open draw9patch directly. Seems it does not like that. When i open it from within eclipse (right click on the PNG - open with - other - internal editors - Android 9-patch editor), then it works just fine.

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