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The title says What is the difference between release and iteration? Can you explain what the difference is?

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I haven't seen standard definitions of those words. I see a sprint/iteration as a period of time that produces something. It may or may not be released outside the organization. –  mdoar Jul 17 '12 at 18:46

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Iterations are basically single units of work within your release plan. Typically, your iteration planning phase will be a short (1-4 week) series of tasks that will be done.

After an iteration, there should be a series of acceptance tests. This verifies that the problem domain was handled correctly.

The series of iterations plus acceptance lead to a single release. The release leads to deployment, whether to a customer or internal usage by the end user (which is the critical difference).

Granted, in many teams, the lines can blur a bit, especially if you're releasing every iteration, etc...

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An iteration can be purely internal. A release goes out to a customer.

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We can say in simple words, Release is "What to do" and Iteration is "How to do". Release focuses on User stories and iterations focuses on Tasks decomposed from user stories.

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