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the issue I have is when trying to apply a discount to the order from checkout, it will apply the right total discount at the bottom of the magento admin order page, but the line items are showing $0 discount.

for example lets say I have a promotion for 50% on everything and someone buys 2 items, Apple for $10 and Orange for $5 the cart total would be 15 - 50% = $7.50 which is already happening, but then when you look at the line items both discount is set to $0 where it should be : apple qty: 1 price $10 discount $5 total $5 orange qty: 1 price $5 discount 2.50 total $2.50 ; here is my code :

 $couponCode = (string) $this->getRequest()->getParam('coupon_code');
    if ($this->getRequest()->getParam('remove') == 1) {
        $couponCode = '';
    $oldCouponCode = $this->_getQuote()->getCouponCode();

    if (!strlen($couponCode) && !strlen($oldCouponCode)) {

    try {
        $this->_getQuote()->setCouponCode(strlen($couponCode) ? $couponCode : '')

        if ($couponCode) {
            if ($couponCode == $this->_getQuote()->getCouponCode()) {
                    $this->__('Coupon code "%s" was applied.', Mage::helper('core')->htmlspecialchars($couponCode))
            else {
                    $this->__('Coupon code "%s" is not valid.', Mage::helper('core')->htmlspecialchars($couponCode))
        } else {
            $this->_getSession()->addSuccess($this->__('Coupon code was canceled.'));

    echo $this->_getReviewHtml();
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Is the cart promotional rule set to discount on a per item discount or for the whole order?

The code itself looks ok.

You may also wish to add for the checkout session.

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Hi Thanks for the suggestion, its not the promo rule it self as it only does it for this specific payment method (custom created) I think it may have to do with the observer –  user1920187 Aug 8 '13 at 17:59

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