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i made an app which works very well. The application consists of an activity, a service and a few broadcastreciver.

The activity binds to the service, which is launched through this. The activity and the service share the same process. The service registers a few Broadcastreceiver and the activity registers a broadcastreceiver. The broadcastreceiver are throwing new intents, which are handled in the service.

Now i have a few common questions about the usage/lifecycle of these three components among each other which are not fully clear to me.

  1. Is it possible that the service could be killed by the system when the activity is running in foreground (activity/service share the same process)? And if yes, can i detect that in the activity somehow automatically or do i have to check that manually?
  2. Can the activity be killed when it is in background an the service is still running although they share the same process? If yes, what happens if the activity is started and binds the service (the class of the service) again? Creates the activity a new service or does it rebind to the old service? Is this bad if that would work?
  3. When i start the service through a bind, onStartCommand() is called. When i start the service through startService(intent), gets onStartCommand then called also? I only read that onStartCommand() will be called when you issue startService(intent) and the service is already running.
  4. When the service or the activity gets killed, are the broadcastreceivers (which were launched from them) still running? If not, can i somehow unregister the receiver from the restarted activity/service? Or what happens if i register them again, am i reconnected to the already running or are new one's registered? (I have broadcastreceivers, which get dynamically registered and some get registered through the manifest)
  5. Can a broadcastreceiver be killed by the system?
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