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I have a block of about 20 lines of code that heavily uses a specific variable name many times.

I want to copy those lines of code to create another one of these variables, obviously using a different name.

So I click on the variable name in the its declaration of the new block of code. But when I press ALT + SHIFT + R to Rename it and all the subsequent ones, Eclipses highlights every single one in the document and slates them for change.

How do I specify that I only want the following variables to be selected?

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I discovered that what I'm trying to do works if I'm redeclaring an earlier variable.

For example if I said:

SomeClass something = new SomeClass(Stuff, Stuff);

and wanted to copy and paste that as another object and rename the variable, I would just copy/paste it, and put the pointer in the new something,press ALT + SHIFT + R and only subsequent something would be highlighted for change.

SomeClass anotherThing= new SomeClass(Stuff, Stuff);

I believe this is because I have redeclared the variable, so Eclipse knows not to go before it. However if I was copying a series of method calls made by one object and trying to rename them to work with another object, I couldn't use ALT + SHIFT + R

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I believe you can select that portion of the text and refactor only within the selected text.

At worst you can copy/paste it into a new file, run the refactor, and then paste it back, but that's rather awkward.

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If I select that portion of text, I can't also position the text indicator inside the variable name – CodyBugstein Aug 1 '13 at 18:27

You don't really want a refactoring. Just make a copy and do a find/replace. You can use the Edit menu's Find/Replace option or if you have the results in a search window you can select the files you're interested in, in the search view, right-click and choose "Replace Selected..."

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