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I need a spring managed bean in one of my controller methods. Since I don't need it in any other method, I think it's unnecessary to autowire it. I already read that it should be avoided to use ApplicationContext.getBean(), but is there an alternative?

If using getBean() is the correct decision, I should mention the created bean has autowired attributes and it seems that they don't get set when creating it with getBeans().


public class Controller {

    public String get(Model model){
        Task task = ApplicationContextHolder.getBean("Task");

        return "index";

public class Task {
    private Service service;

    public List<Object> getA() {
        List<Object> list = service.findWhatever(); //service is null
        return list;

It's entirely possible I don't understand all the concepts right or I'm missing something. What's the best way to create the Task bean?

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If the Task instance is managed by Spring, then you really should inject it. Doing

Task task = ApplicationContextHolder.getBean("Task");

goes through a whole stack of method calls to try to get the bean. Just @Autowired it, you won't have any headaches.

Note that

private Service service;

expects another Service bean in the Application context.

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