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I am trying to design a system on the Raspberry Pi, running Raspbian Linux. I have used Qt before on Ubuntu on a fast machine, and it is quite bulky (I am still open to using it as a last resort).

I have been trying to look for Qt / GTK GUI tutorials for the raspberry Pi but haven't seemed to find any. I am using OpenCV and a bunch of other C++ libraries and I need the speed advantages of C++ considering the chip is only 800 MHz. This is why I have not chosen Python.

I need to design a very simple interface, featuring text of different sizes, weights, and coloured rectangles which I could draw with coordinates.

I do not want any border or checkbox on the interface (I would like be able to load the interface from the terminal). I have attached a simple sample of the kind of interface I would be going for. I may need some simple buttons, however I do not need advanced functionality of the full Qt Libraries. (The display resolution in use is 800 x 480)

If i was to use Qt or GTK, which of the two is faster and more suited to my needs of a simple interface.

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