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I would like to write a custom function whereby rather than supplying the data of individual cells, I would like to supply just the row number as an argument, and then reference the column letter as if it were an array or object.

For example

Function DoCalculation(Row1, Row2)
    DoCalculation = Row1[A] + Row2[D]
End Function

Is something like this possible? Otherwise it will be very tedious passing in close to the dozen or so parameters I will be using, each time I want to use the function...

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possibly built-in INDIRECT function could be helpful in such situation. I'm not 100% sure as you don't provide concrete example which I could refer to. On tip for @Alan Waage answer- add Application.Volatile as the first line in his function which will trigger recalculation working all the time anything will be changed in your sheet. –  KazJaw Aug 2 '13 at 5:58

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Yes you can accomplish this sort of end result.

Function DoCalculation(Row1, Row2)
    DoCalculation = Range("A" + Row1).Value + Range("D" + Row2).Value
End Function
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This "works", but the problem is it doesn't register any cells as being dependencies, so if I update the value in a cell, it doesn't re-calculate the formula. –  AgmLauncher Aug 1 '13 at 20:24
Do you want to enter this function in a cell (a UDF)? Which columns would it refer to? A specific one? Or the current one? –  Andy G Aug 1 '13 at 23:22
when calling the formula, pass in the value like =DoCalculation(row(A4), row(A5)) - a4 and a5 will show as dependancies. Alternately, accept ranges as input...I'll post another answer. –  RowanC Aug 2 '13 at 5:00

Also put in a test to check that only one row at a time has been sent.

Function DoCalculation(Row1 As Range, Row2 As Range) As Variant
   Dim x As Integer
    If (Row1.Rows.Count = 1 And Row2.Rows.Count = 1) Then
        DoCalculation = Range("A" & Row1.Row).Value + Range("D" & Row2.Row).Value
        DoCalculation = "Error, one input has too many ranges"
    End If
End Function
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